You Are Here

You Are Here

Mon 8 - Tue 9 August 2022

Pink boilersuits, balls of string and the awesome power of the universe clash in this interactive solo show about our size and perspective.  

Your size in the universe can be summed up using loads of unhelpful, incoherent metaphors, like: inconceivably grand; the whole infinity of creation; a bee in a cathedral; waltzing in the dark; like a raisin pudding; sugary dusting on a fairy cake; a fragile sphere spiraling through an inescapable suffocating force. And loads more! 

This show attempts to show you how awesome it is to be a tiny speck in an infinitely large universe. The unadulterated excitement/existential dread when you realise you are an invisible dot on an invisible dot, labelled ‘You Are Here’. 

A new show written and performed by Cardiff-based artist Chris (Neil is my Dad)



Content warning: Death; inadequacy; existential dread.

Duration: 1 hour

Age guidance: 12+ 


Hyd: 1 awr

Canllaw oed: 12+


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