The Cardiff Speak-Easy

The Cardiff Speak-Easy

The Speak-Easy is a fun, playful and encouraging approach to speaking publicly. 

Whether you’re gearing up for a tricky conversation with a loved one, wanting to shine at work, or readying yourself for a speech at a wedding The Speak-Easy is a great way to build confidence in your voice, at your own pace. 

Each month we explore a common communication question - giving you the answers for whatever speaking challenge comes your way. The aim of The Speak-Easy is to help you to enjoy speaking publicly, whether your goal is an interview or a TED Talk - it’s important to look, sound and feel like YOU! 

1. May: “Am I Boring them with this Story?”  

2. June: “Is Anybody Listening to Me?”  

3. July: “Where Do I Start?”  

4. August: “Why Do I Hate the Sound of my Own Voice?”  

5. September: “What Do I Do with my Hands?!" 

What Others Have Said: 

"SUCH a great event!" 

"She's so knowledgeable and so experienced - I felt in such good hands. Nothing I said felt too much, nothing felt scary or intimidating, she created a safe space where everyone got to share and chat. There was no judgement, it was so welcoming" 

"Her methodology, teaching and guidance brings out a confidence that can be used not only for performance, but in everyday life - at work, at home, to improve relationships between friends, family or colleagues" 

"Super clever, super supportive, super woman." 

"What I loved about it was the energy" 

"The exercises did so much for my nerves, helped to ground me and keep me calm" 

“Charlotte helped me to own the way I introduce myself, to hold my own space” 


The exercises & methods used at each Speak-Easy are inspired by my work as an international Theatre Director to support experienced and first-time performers take to the stage feeling their best. 

Some tools are influenced by my experience as a Yoga & Breathwork teacher. Attendees may be taken through a calming breathwork exercise, or postural guidance’s for example. These activities are beginner-friendly. 

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£15 per workshop

Please note this event will take place in Mediapoint


COVID safety: We have a number of measures in place to ensure that your visit is enjoyable and as safe as possible. Find out more here.

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