Just Dance

Just Dance

Just Dance! is a new space for ecstatic dance in Cardiff. Ecstatic dance is an inclusive, free-form movement practice that empowers people of all shapes, genders, and backgrounds to freely express themselves through movement. It's a great way to let go, release stress, and reconnect to our bodies, ourselves, and others. There are no steps to learn, no previous experience of dance or movement is required - it’s all about letting the music take you. We will bring you a beautiful array of luscious melodies and deep grooves from around the world to inspire, uplift and move you.   

Each session will begin with a guided warm up and end with a restful meditation.  

Please bring a water bottle, a blanket, and wear comfortable clothing for moving.  

When and where:
Friday 13 May 7-9pm, Dance Studio
Sunday 5 June 11am-1pm, Stiwdio Seligman
Friday 24 June 7-9pm, Stiwdio Seligman
Sunday 3 July 11am-1pm, Dance Studio
Friday  5 August 7-9pm, Stiwdio Seligman


£15 / £12 

Age 16+ / 16+ oed

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