God's Creatures (15)

Ireland | 2022 | 100’ | 15 | Saela Davis, Anna Rose Holmer | Paul Mescal, Emily Watson

In a windswept Irish fishing village, Aileen is overjoyed when her son Brian returns from travelling and re-joins their close-knit community. However, when he is accused of a crime she begins to question everything she knows about her son and those she has lived among all her life. An acting masterclass from veteran Emily Watson and current awards-sweeping Paul Mescal, in a tense, sweepingly emotional epic story of justice. 



Daytime (until 5pm): £7 / £5 concessions

Evening (5pm onward): £8 / £6 concessions

Content warnings: Strong language, Sexual violence references, Domestic abuse, Death, Discussion of Sexual Assault, Misogyny, Mild physical violence

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