All My Friends Hate Me (15)

Fri 17 - Sun 19 , Tue 21 - Thu 23 June 2022

UK | 2021 | 93’ | 15 | Andrew Gaynord, Tom Stourton, Dustin Demri-Burns

It’s Pete’s birthday and the old gang from college are reuniting for a weekend party at a country manor. At first cautiously excited and optimistic, Pete’s head begins to spin as one by one his friends slowly turn against him, and soon he’s riddled with fear. He can’t work it out: is he being punished? Is he being paranoid? Or is this all part of some sick joke? Treading a fine line between dark comedy and disturbing psychological drama, the tension builds as Pete’s attempts to connect with his friends twists between hilarious discomfort and unexpected poignancy. A witty comedy that’s perfectly timed to respond to post-pandemic social anxiety.


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