ART IN THE BAR: Seo Hye Lee - [sound of subtitles]

ART IN THE BAR: Seo Hye Lee - [sound of subtitles]

Sat 4 February - Sun 21 May

Seo Hye Lee presents [sound of subtitles], a silent film in which the same images are repeated across three screens. These images are accompanied by a different type of subtitle in each frame: one action based, one abstract and one music based. Seo Hye examines the subtle nuances between language and sound, connecting the forming of clay with shaping language and communication from movement, gesture and feeling.

The film explores the history and visuality of subtitles, emphasising the distinction between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening’ and encourages you to conjure your own interpretation of sounds and events. Alongside the film, subtitles float across the wall untethered from the visuals of the film, prompting you to consider your own sonic memories.

Seo Hye has always required subtitles or closed captions while watching TV and film. As someone who grew up without the experience of pop music culture, she always enjoyed the idea of rethinking what music might sound like, in a more abstracted form, connecting the sounds to various emotions. This work puts us as viewers in this position, without a collective understanding of what the [sound of still silence] is. Regardless of level of hearing, we can explore our own unique soundscape and reimagine the meaning of listening.

This work was co-commissioned by University of Salford Art Collection and videoclub.


About the artist

Seo Hye Lee defines herself as an artist that uses the mediums of sound, illustration and video to experiment with new forms of narrative, creating playful pieces that challenge the idea of listening. Drawing inspiration from her hearing loss experience, Seo Hye aims to show you the difference between hearing and listening; regardless of your level of hearing, you can always listen in a variety of ways. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Selected 12 UK Tour’, CCA Glasgow, Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, Royal College of Art, London, Nottingham Contemporary, G39, Cardiff, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, ‘Days of Wonder’, Hove Museum & Art Gallery (all 2022).

Hear We Are

This exhibition coincides with Hear We Are, a Deaf-led project by Jonny Cotsen in partnership with Chapter through Arts Council Wales Connect + Flourish funding. The project aims to establish a Wales-wide network of safe spaces for Deaf and hard of hearing creatives to meet, share experiences and explore ideas. A programme of events will take place from 4-6 May 2023, for more information follow @hearweare_.



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