The Infinity Card: Shopping Bag Spirits and Freeway Fetishes (NC)

The Infinity Card: Shopping Bag Spirits and Freeway Fetishes (NC)

Mon 1 January 0001 - Sun 2 April 2023

USA | 1981 | 60’ | NC | Barbara McCullough

Barbara McCullough was one of the key figures bridging visual arts and cinema at UCLA. In this film she explores Los Angeles based artists reflecting on ritual in their life and art. Visual artist David Hammons likens his activities to vanguard musicians as he improvises an outdoor composition of found objects. Poets Raspoeter Ojenke, Kenneth Severin, K. Curtis Lyle and Kamau Daa’ood describe and display their synergistic approaches, as do improvisational musicians Freedom in Expression, accompanying one another with voice and percussion. Kinshasha Cornwill and Houston Cornwill describe their collaborations. Senga Nengudi recalls the collaborative performance she staged at a Los Angeles freeway underpass. And in an intimate conversation, Betye Saar offers McCullough an inspiring definition of ritual: It is not just a rite, but also what feels “right,” a process that builds the artist’s confidence and the traditions that can be passed along to future generations.

+ Introduction by Sim Panaser, Visual Arts Curator

This screening is part of The Infinity Card: Events Programme and has been carefully selected to accompany Leo Robinson's solo exhibition. The film series will immerse you in Afrofuturism, ritual practices, non-linear time and altered psychological states - asserting different ways to reimagine our pasts and futures. Find out more about the full events programme here




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