The Infinity Card: Becoming Plant (adv18)

The Infinity Card: Becoming Plant (adv18)

Mon 1 January 0001 - Sun 19 March 2023

Denmark | 2022 | 49’ | adv18 | Grace Ndiritu

Becoming Plant follows six dancers who participate in a therapeutic group experiment with a psychedelic drug known as ‘The Golden Teacher’, while temporarily 'living' together on the demilitarised industrial site. While they are subjected to the plant's consciousness and to each other's presence, they perform a choreography, aligning their naked bodies with each other and with the architectural ruins, with a soundtrack by artist Gaika. The film serves as a catalyst to discuss wider social and relational issues such as science, spirituality, psychiatry, healing, healthcare and the problems of collective depression and trauma resulting from living in the age of Late Capitalism.

 + Introduction by Sim Panaser, Visual Arts Curator.

This screening is part of The Infinity Card: Events Programme and has been carefully selected to accompany Leo Robinson's solo exhibition. The film series will immerse you in Afrofuturism, ritual practices, non-linear time and altered psychological states - asserting different ways to reimagine our pasts and futures. Find out more about the full events programme here



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