Leo Robinson: The Infinity Card Public Preview

Leo Robinson: The Infinity Card Public Preview

Mon 1 January 0001 - Fri 9 December 2022 , 5 - 8pm

Artist and Musician Leo Robinson explores future world-building in The Infinity Card, his largest solo exhibition in Wales, at Chapter, Cardiff. Join us for a public preview to celebrate the opening of this exhibition.

For his first major solo exhibition in Wales, Leo Robinson, presents oracles, musical scores and objects that explore a speculative future. In this, new belief systems for the cultivation of self-knowledge, have been rebuilt and reimagined as an act of healing from the destructive legacies of colonialism. Drawing on his study and use of the divination method of I Ching*, Robinson’s rich world-building imagines a post-diasporic future in which ancient cosmologies and indigenous knowledge systems have informed and evolved new rituals and practices that guide spiritual journeys of transformation.

Robinson’s artworks take the forms of paintings, sculptures and collages that include found objects and images alongside instructive texts and musical notations. The ephemera of contemporary culture including Pokémon cards, children’s stickers and printed images from Instagram and TikTok feeds feature across the works, grounding them in a near-distant future.

Central to the exhibition is Robinson’s symbolist language which recurs throughout the works: the net, the flame, the blooming flower, the primate, the vessel, the cross, and variations play out in an endless psychodrama. Within each work lies the potential for transformation from one psychological state to the next, yet the path is not always clear. Robinson’s work asks us to be open to the power and potential of ritual-making to make sense of our inner worlds and the world around us.

Exhibition generously supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and Tiwani Contemporary.

Image: And the running blackberry would adorn the parlours of heaven, Leo Robinson, Watercolour and collage on paper, 2021. Courtesey the artist and Tiwani Contemporary


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