Phil Okwedy’s first Welsh tour: The Gods Are All Here, comes to Chapter Posted on 19 Sep 2022

Phil Okwedy’s first Welsh tour: The Gods Are All Here, comes to Chapter

Welsh Storyteller Phil Okwedy, and producers, Adverse Camber in association with Theatrau Sir Gâr, have united to share an incredible story, revealing a chance discovery about his own past and family history. The Gods Are All Here will continue its 15 date tour across Wales from September 2022 until February 2023, showing at Chapter 20 October, 7.30pm



The Gods Are Here explores equality, freedom, racism, family and growing up without your birth parents, in a touching, funny and evocative performance, The Gods Are All Here is both timeless and very much a story of now.


Sparked by the discovery of a series of letters from his father in Nigeria to his mother in Wales, The Gods Are All Here is a compelling, lyrical and warm, one-man performance from first-class storyteller, Phil Okwedy.


Phil’s captivating performance skilfully weaves myth, song, folktales and legends of the African diaspora with an astonishing personal story that uncovers Phil’s experiences of growing up as a child of dual heritage in 1960 &70’s Wales. 


Born in Cardiff, Phil never lived with either of his parents but was raised in Pembrokeshire by his long-term foster mother. Charting the time of life when children are said to view their parents as gods, but never having lived with them, in this show, Phil considers if his parents were, in fact, the gods he had imagined them to be…


Phil said: “As I developed as storyteller, there came a time when I felt ready to tell myth but could find none that resonated with me. So, I began to weave personal and family stories with folktales as a kind of myth-making exercise. When I found the letters in my mother’s flat after her death, I felt a need to do more with them than just read them but I was not yet a storyteller and so had no idea what that might be.


Now, in sharing this show my intention is that it resonates with other people, with their individual family stories but also with the audience as a whole, because it is by working together that we ensure that equality, justice and freedom are experienced by all.” 


Phil Okwedy is a storyteller and writer, who has performed at many storytelling events and festivals across the UK. He has recently been commissioned as part of Literature Wales’ Representing Wales, Developing Writers of Colour programme and as a major contributor to National Theatre Wales Go Tell the Bees project.


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