Film at Chapter 14-27 October 2022 Posted on 13 Oct 2022

Friday 14 – Thursday 27 October

The Woman King (15)

Out on the wily, windy moors we find Emily, rolling in green and falling in love and writing one of the greatest novels in all of literature. In a similar time period but half a world away, we discover General Nanisca, The Woman King, striving to save her people.

We take another zip through history to the White House Putsch where the characters of Amsterdam find themselves in a screwball comedy inspired by a dark time in US history.

If none of those tall tales take your fancy, we have the delights of the BFI London Film Festival and the Iris Prize showcasing some of the best in new voices in cinema.

Amsterdam (15)

Decision to Leave (15)


It's Spooky Season in the Cinema!

Cardiff Animation Festival: Halloween Specials

CAF: Neurodivergent Animated Shorts

Thursday 20 October

CAF Halloween: Animated Horror Shorts

Monday 31 October


CAF Halloween: Spooky Family Animation

Sunday 30 October


Homegrown Horrors!

20 October – 6 November

Gwaed ar y Sêr

20 October


The Old Dark House

22 October


29 October