Call the Waves Weekend Posted on 20 Sep 2022

Call the Waves Weekend


As part of Call the Waves, you’re invited to join a three-day programme of workshops, performances and talks with artists Alia Mossallam, Fern Thomas, Kandace Siobhan Walker, Maya Al Khaldi and Noureddine Ezarraf, and curators Francesca Masoero, Louise Hobson and Shayma Nader. Taking inspiration from the many ways in which the exhibition summons water, this programme delves into the songs, stories, histories and futures of the artists, musicians and historians in Call the Waves.

All events are individually ticketed and free for everyone. Join in at and share your moments through #CTWWeekend #PenwythnosCTW

Friday 30 September

Curator's Tour, SURGE

Image: SURGE, Fern Thomas by Kirsten McTernan for Chapter 2022.

In this full weekend of events, we’ll begin in Chapter Gallery on Friday 30 September at 6pm for a guided walk through of the exhibition with the Call the Waves curators, Louise Hobson, Shayma Nader and Francesca Masoero. Together they’ll talk through the development of the exhibition and introduce the artists, musicians and historians drawn together in this international group exhibition.

At 7pm, Fern Thomas will share a reading which journeys through different waters of potential, drawing on her work SURGE, which calls on the ancient future wisdom held within all water.

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Saturday 1 October

Saints & Haints, Telling like a river, Les techniciens de l'eau

Image: Rawy al-Anhar (Quenching Rivers), Alia Mossallam by Kirsten McTernan for Chapter 2022.


The next day, Saturday 1 October, we begin with a weaving and storytelling workshop from Kandace Siobhan Walker at 10am (Saints & Haints). Join a small group to learn the basic techniques of weaving a small fishing net, as we listen to Geechee folk stories.

On Saturday afternoon, at 2pm, the first of a two-part storytelling workshop with Alia Mossallam (Telling like a river) begins. In a small group, we’ll spend time with the various archives Alia shares in Rawy al-Anhar, to explore how the Nubian people resisted displacement and how a story can be re-told through archives and water.

On Saturday evening, at 6pm, the day is rounded off by a talk (Les techniciens de l'eau) from artist Noureddine Ezarraf, who will share an introduction to his practice and talk through a brief history on the politics of water in rural Morocco, exploring the connected impacts on time, rituals and social relationships.

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Sunday 2 October

Telling like a river, sing for them to see

Image: Maya Al Khaldi by Stuart Whipps for Chapter 2022


On the final day, Sunday 2 October, we’ll return to the second part of Alia Mossallam’s two-part workshop (Telling like a river), which will begin at 10am. 

To close the weekend, Maya Al Khaldi will share an intimate performance and learning circle (sing for them to see) with just eight people. Book now to join Maya in learning the songs she has reassembled in sing for them to see, learnt from the Maqam keeper of Maqam al-Nabi Ayoub - a shrine situated near a spring of the same name in the village of Ras Karkar in Palestine.

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More events in the Call the Waves Public Programme...

Intergenerational Soundings - Margarida Mendes

Tuesday 11 October, 6pm

Researcher, curator and ecologist Margarida Mendes (joining us via Zoom) will draw from her ongoing research with river guardians and activist groups, to focus on how restorative acoustics, sonic practices and cross-disciplinary forms of eco-teaching can start a process of community healing.


Earth Above Water - Sarah Shin

Saturday 5 November, 2pm   

Join publisher, curator and writer Sarah Shin for a writing workshop on hidden water. Through divination methods including the I Ching, we ask: Where is the secret ocean, the missing deep water – the source of the source – within us?